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If you'd like to make a comfortable living with your music, this is the most important message you'll ever read.

Let’s just get right to it...


You’ve seen how purpose-driven music marketing can rapidly change the projection of your music career and why understanding the Sell Music Blueprint is so important to your success as an independent music creator in the music industry.


And if you've been paying attention to my YouTube channel and Instagram stories then you've seen that everyone is going crazy about this right now...flooding my inbox, DM's, and comments with questions under every video...and desperately trying to figure out how to transform their lives with their music.

"In Less Than 2 Months Purpose Driven Music Marketing Changed My Life!"

Those were the excited words of one of my recent mentorship students.


With purpose-driven, magnetic music marketing my fellow music producer Cloak Beats is able to earn an income from home with his music, while doing something that most wish they were able to do…. spend more precious time with his young son.

Speaking of precious time with family, one of my mentoring students who’s a singer/songwriter sent me an email a while back with a photo of his seven-year-old daughter walking on the beach in Hawaii.


Being from Missouri it was the first time she had ever seen the ocean.


Now I don’t have kids yet, but I’d say that’s a pretty epic memory to share with your family.


So, by this point, it should go without saying, but that vacation was paid for with his music.


From $8 An Hour To 6-Figures With Music.


I could sit here and talk for an hour about one of my good friends Zach aka DJ Deville and his successes that have come directly from his music.


We actually met when we were both living in central Wisconsin back in 2006. At the time he was working a full time job working in the parts department of a car dealership making $8 an hour.

Fast forward to today and he’s worked with superstar acts such as Steve Aoki, Diplo, Skrillex, Carnage, Bad Boy Bill, and even Lil’ Jon. Whhhhaaattt!? Oookkkaaaaayy!! Lol.


He travels the world DJing and when he’s not traveling he’s producing dance remixes that have been downloaded millions of times.


In fact, if you’ve been to a club in the past 10 years then most likely you’ve heard his work.

Now these opportunities have provided him with a comfortable six figure income and sponsorship opportunities with major brands in the music and nightlife industries.


Not to mention his music has enabled him to purchase a house and live an abundant life of travel, filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences...

Or my student Jamie who joined the Sell Music Masterclass as a struggling beat maker and was recently nominated for not one, but TWO Grammy Awards.

Or how about my student Henry who's been able to go full time with his music as well as build an awesome home studio to work out of...

Or my student Connor who went from struggling to gain traction on Spotify to surpassing 100,000 streams without spending a dollar on ads.

and I can't forget to mention my student Redd who went from teaching English to American Idol, gained 8,000 followers AND is now earning over $3,000 each month with her music... all in under a year!

I could go on and on with success stories from my students, but I think it’s time that we add your success story to the list.  

Now with that being said, does that mean you’ll be able to do music full-time overnight?

Well, it depends...

Join The Sell Music Masterclass Today

The Disclaimer That Couldn't Be Any Plainer

There’s obviously some factors that go into doing music as a full-time career and like with anything, individual results vary.

Obviously, if your music is garbage and you’re only willing to put in like 2 hours worth of work per month...then expect life-changing course was not made for you.


The truth is, most people don’t get results when buying any type of “how to information” and I believe that’s due to the fact that they don’t take it seriously, they quit down the road and never put in the necessary work to make it happen.


However, I believe if you’re serious about this and put in the work, and follow the formula...the sky's the limit for you.

Here's What I Can Guarantee

This here is my best program...ever.


I’m sharing every last secret with you and showing you step-by-step how to build and scale a music based brand and business without leaving out any information.


I won't be holding anything back in this course.


Every single secret, every trick, every strategy that has worked for me or for one of my students is revealed and explained in detail so you can easily model it.


I honestly believe that this is the best information you’ll find anywhere about advanced music marketing and music based business development.


It’s 100% up to date, fresh, and in-depth.


It’s not a bunch of abstract theory, but rather a blueprint that shows you step-by-step how to go from where you are, to where you want to be...with your music being the vehicle that’ll take you there.


Not only will I show you what to do, but I’ll also be explaining the why...and the how.


My mission is to get you to where you want to be with a fan base larger than you ever thought possible.


I believe if any program, any course, or any class is going to help you grow a powerful music based brand and sustainable business, then it’s this one right here.


If any program is going to help you make money, it's this one.


Although many people get great results from my beginner videos on YouTube, I wanted to step it up this year and blow everyone's mind by creating something extraordinary.


So I've decided to pull back the curtains and reveal EVERYTHING.

So here is exactly what you get

Masterclass Introduction



  • Welcome To The Sell Music Masterclass

  • What To Expect During The Program

  • Proper Course Pacing and Tools

  • Tracking Your Course Progress

  • Participating In The Secret Mastermind Group

...Once You've Been Welcomed You're Now Ready

To Jump Into The Experience....

 Choosing To Become A Champion



  • Crushing Self Doubt And Eliminating Mental Fog

  • Dialing In Your Competitive Advantage

  • Unleashing The Boundaries Of Your Current Vision

  • Revealing The 80/20 Rule That Changes Everything

  • How To Leverage Internal Performance Indicators

...So once we have our mindset tuned to where we need to be, it’s time to jump into the actual tactics and techniques...

Magnetic Music Marketing Blueprint



  • The Proven Magnetic Music Marketing Blueprint

  • What Is Magnetic Marketing And Why Is It King?

  • Building A Dominant Content Strategy

  • Mastering Long Form Content Repurposing

  • Creating Your Ideal Audience Ecosystem

...Now having your ducks in a row requires knowing exactly what ducks you're marketing to. It's time to get VERY clear on WHO you need to target...

Perfecting Your Aim: Advanced Targeting Method



  • Locking In The WHO Within Your Marketing System

  • Taking Strangers From Followers to Fans to Family

  • Identifying Cold, Warm, and Hot Traffic Sources

  • Becoming Visible Within Your Target Marketplace

  • Cultivating A Community, Leading A Movement

...So this leads us to our next module which is an incredibly important pillar to success that most people unfortunately never truly perfect......

Building An Indestructible Brand



  • The Key Components Of Powerful Brand Development

  • Developing A Magnetic Brand Aesthetic

  • Crafting Your Captivating Brand Story

  • The Importance Of Visual Brand Consistency

  • A Proven System Of Creating Highly Shareable Content aka "Viral Content"

...Now before we go too far too fast we need to make sure we audit our actions...

Implementation Challenge



  • Putting Modules One through Five Into Practice

  • Audience Targeting Exercise And Audit

  • Composing Branded Content with Group Feedback

  • Class Accountability Checkpoint

...So once you’re able to level up your brand you’ll be ready to go out and start dominating social media, streaming apps, and the interwebs...

Become A Social Media Savage



  • Advanced Marketing Systems for Instagram

  • Beginner into Advanced Paid Marketing Strategies

  • Learn What To Post & How To Post On IG/TikTok

  • Three FREE Content Tools That You Should Be Using To Level Up

  • Fully Loaded Social Media Marketing Template Pack

  • Example Templates And Word-By-Word Shoutouts You Can use For Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

...So you're ready to dominate social media. Now let's get that fresh content created....

Mastering Automation - Work Smarter, Not Harder



  • Become A Social Media Automation Master

  • Five Automation Tools That Will Give You Time Back

  • Knowing When You're Ready To Make The Switch

  • Putting Your Audience Growth On Auto-Pilot

  • Deadly Automation Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

  • The Secret To Taking A 30 Day Vacation While Your Numbers Continue To Increase

...Now that we have more time on our hands I think it's time we take our content to the next level....

Becoming A Pro Content Machine on a Minimum Wage Budget



  • Incredible Results On A Incredibly Tight Budget

  • Five FREE Tools That You Need To Be Using

  • Production Tips & Techniques For Photography, Video, & Graphic Design

  • How To Create More HQ Content In Less Time

  • My Personal Recommendations For Budget Friendly Gear And Tech (Massive List Of Options!)

  • The Secret To Getting Your Cheap Camera To Capture Expensive Looking Visuals with so many different platforms to choose from, let me show you how to win on ALL OF THEM ....

Designing Your Multi-Platform Content Strategy



  • Understanding Multi-Platform Language

  • Increasing Organically Driven Engagement

  • How To Stand Out On A Saturated Platform

  • Optimizing Content Discoverability and Reach

  • Growing An Audience From Scratch now that we know how to grow our audience on multiple platforms we're ready to become a household name ....


We're just getting warmed up at this

Review & Revamp



  • Celebration and Calibration

  • Short, Mid & Long Term Goal Review & Revision

  • Personal Performance Audit

  • Mastermind Checkpoint Exercise

...ok, so now that we took a second to look in the mirror it's time to keep moving forward....

Single/Album Release Strategy



  • Developing Your Pre-Release Strategy

  • Understanding Timelines & Playlist Submissions

  • Your Release Content Calendar Blueprint

  • The Pros & Cons Of Single VS Album Release

  • Dominating Your Release & Post-Release Systems

  • Creating The Perfect Follow Up Release Plan let's be real, without video you're dead in the water these days. It's time to become a video marketing extraordinaire....

Advanced Video Marketing



  • Growing A Video Presence On Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and even LinkedIn

  • Using Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/TikTok LIVE Feature To Connect

  • The YouTube Tool You NEED To Be Using

  • Proven Video Thumbnail And Title Strategy For YouTube

  • A Video DM Strategy That Outperforms Regular DM's by 3000%

...ok, so now that everyone is watching your videos, subscribing to your channel, and wanting to work with you, but wait, let's go deeper....

The YouTube Formula



  • Mastering Video Titles And Thumbnails

  • Understanding The Complexity Of Video SEO

  • An Unknown Secret To Upping Average Watch Time

  • Building A Video Ecosystem That Skyrockets Reach

  • How To Grow A New Channel Quickly To Enable Monetization YouTube is the King of video content, but there's another platform that we crack the code on and that would be....

Getting A Quick Pop On TikTok



  • How To Get Your First 1,000 Followers

  • The Posting Schedule That Creates Viral Stars

  • Driving Traffic From TikTok To Other Platforms

  • How To Go Viral Within 30 Days

  • Identifying Trending Sounds Before They Blow Up that your're a pro at TikTok it's time to move those viewers over to your own personal contacts list....

Mailing List Building & Utilization



  • Setting Up Your Mailing List

  • Understanding Verification & Authentication

  • The Power Of Segmentation

  • How To Build A High Converting Landing Page

  • The Basics Of Funnel Building that your mailing list is growing and tons of people are waiting for your next release what do we do? Well I'm glad you asked....

Deep Dive Into The HYPE Formula



  • Be In Control Of Building The Momentum

  • Grow Awareness & Amplify Excitement Organically

  • Being Everywhere Your Audience Is

  • Hack The System With Algorithm Loop-Holes

  • The Power Of Success Modeling building a ton of excitement and energy around your music is awesome, but now you need to know what to do with it....

Creating Your Business Breakthrough



  • Breakthrough To The People Who Should Be Excited About Your Brand And Your Music

  • Identify When You're Holding Your Business Back...Then Breakthrough To Fix It

  • Breakthrough The Noise And Clutter Holding You Back

  • Breakthrough To Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out

  • Breakthrough The Barriers Keeping Your From Growth

...we then transition into really connecting with your audience through a method I call....

Personal, Promo, Press



  • Scaling Faster With Referrals

  • What Do You Want To Be Known For?

  • Strategically Developing A Professional Reputation

  • Building A Referral System And Free PR Machine

  • Identifying Your Personal, Promotional and Press Identity & Merging Them For Maximum Impact your systems are working for you, the audience and income is growing fast as hell...I think it's time we talk about....

Ramping Up Your Revenue



  • 18+ Proven Revenue Streams For Music Creators

  • How To Start Your Own eCommerce Merch Business

  • Structuring Multiple Arms Of Your Business

  • Building Your Income Eco-System

  • Dialing In Your Top 3 Revenue Generating Options you're getting your revenue streams put into place, but with that audience growing it might be the perfect time to learn...

The Power Of Patreon



  • How To Drive Traffic To Your Patreon Campaign

  • The Importance Of Crafting An Experience For Your Audience

  • Step-By-Step Patreon Launch Plan

  • Identifying The Perfect Time To Set Up Shop you're expanding your business and people are noticing. All of that attention you're getting is opening opportunities for...

Sponsorships & Brand Deals



  • How To Position Yourself To Have Companies And Brands Fighting For Your Influence

  • Receiving Free Products, Services, And Getting Paid

  • Seven FREE Emails Swipe Copy Templates To Lock In Deals

  • Creating Passive Income With Strategic Affiliate Marketing making money is cool, but if you don't know how to make it work for you, you'll never be able to grow it...

Ready, Set, Scale!



  • The Difference Between Investment & Spending

  • Budgeting Earnings For Taxes, Promotions & Growth

  • Understanding ROI, ROAS & Where To Start Testing The Waters

  • Understanding Risk Assessment On Upgrades And Promotions

  • Scaling Your Music Based Business

On top of all of that, you’ll also receive additional full length modules such as my Music Funnel FrameworkThe Art Of Selling Beats Online, and a complete system breaking down how to get paid gigs on stage or via streaming. Keep in mind that each of the modules I just listed could be their own stand alone courses, but their included in the Sell Music Masterclass.

Interested in getting into Sync Licensing?


How about setting up Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads?


Want to learn how to run successful SMS marketing campaigns?


Or how about using A.I. to take your music marketing to the next level?


Well we'll be rolling out brand new modules to deep dive those specific strategies as well with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.


Now, most of you are probably thinking it ...and you’re right, those are a lot... of proven strategies to launch, promote and scale your music based brand and business.


and it’s different from anything else you’ve seen before.


See, there’s no shady tips and tricks on how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting your first single on a big name spotify playlist.


I’m not here to sell you magic fairy dust or some sort of get rich quick scheme.


The “gurus” who make those type of videos are just trying to get clicks and add a few extra dollars to their YouTube revenue.

Unlike other trainings or courses, this is a complete step-by-step training that covers every single aspect of purpose driven music marketing. I reveal every single secret, every trick and every strategy that works for me and for all my students.


But it gets even better than that...

I'm Also Giving You 3 FREE Bonuses Worth $2,639 If You Join My Sell Music Masterclass 4.0 Today

If you know anything about me, then you know that I always over-deliver. I actually care about the results that my students get and that's why I'll go the extra mile for you.


To make sure you get results from this, I'm giving you 3 FREE bonuses worth $2,639.


Here's what I've got for you:


My 7-Step Music Selling Cycle

(Value: $995)



  • Discover how to create amazing, highly sell-able music consistently.

  • Learn How To Professionally Package The Goods To Optimize Sales

  • See How The Professionals Prepare For Launch With Their New Music Releases

  •  Understand How To Establish Your Target Customer Profile

  • I Reveal The Buying Cycle Blueprint That Converts Strangers To Return Customers

  • After Sale Sequence That Boosts Engagement, Increases Return Business, & Grows Your Fan Base










Secret Facebook Mastermind Group

(Value: $1,495)


  • We Stay In Constant Communication In A Secret Facebook Group Exclusively For Students

  • Get Access To Me Personally (I'll Be Super Active In The Mastermind, Answering Questions, Helping Out And Coaching You)

  • Receive Ongoing Support As You Build Your Music Based Business As Part Of A Community

  • Create Accountability Deals With Fellow Students

  • You'll See What Works For Others And You'll Be Able To Learn From Them First Hand As They Share Their Strategies And What Results They're Getting

  • You Get To Hang Out With My Most Successful Friends And Students Who Have Six-Figure Yearly Music Based Brands and Businesses









...Plus You'll Get An Additional Bonus Mini-Course...


Spotify Launch Blueprint

(Value: $149)

  • Get Access To My Spotify Launch Blueprint

  • Learn How To Get Your Music Playlisted

  • Find Out What Successful Artists Are Doing To Grow Their Audience Using Spotify

  • Discover How Using A Proven Pre-Launch Release Strategy Can Rocket Your Results Quickly









With these FREE bonuses worth $2,639 you'll be able to level up in your music career.


I believe the free bonuses alone have the opportunity to transform your life and as a total package you’ll have everything that you need to succeed at doing music full time without wasting precious time and money trying to figure it out yourself.


The Sell Music Masterclass is the best way to grow a powerful music based business and it works unbelievably well.


It’s literally the fastest way I’ve seen people take their passion for music and turn it into a career.


You probably already know that, so...

Here's What To Do Next


If you’d like to take your music to the next level and go all in on your passion for music you’ll have to sign up for my Sell Music Masterclass 4.0.


You can join the course for a one-time payment of $997.


And if you don’t have the money saved up right now, we got you. You can still get in and hop on board for 12 easy installments of just $97.


But the way I see it, this won’t "cost" you anything.


This is an investment in not only your music career, but your future and i my opinion that’s priceless and something I certainly don’t take for granted.


This program is not an expense, it's an investment.


Now, all you need to do is click on the button under this video and sign up for my Sell Music Masterclass 4.0. You’ll be asked to choose your desired payment option and to fill out the form.



If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my Sell Music Masterclass and get $2,639 worth of FREE bonuses.

Here's What Happens After That


As soon as you've signed up for my Sell Music Masterclass, you'll be added to the secret Facebook Mastermind group.


You'll also receive your login information to access member portal.


And of course you’ll receive the $2,639 worth of free bonuses which will be distributed in your student portal within the program....


PLUS I might even have some unannounced secret bonuses for you along the way that will completely blow your mind.


But here's the best part:


You'll be plugged into a group of fellow music creators, all with the same goals and values as you ...building a successful music based brand and business while making more sales and having more fun.


Your fellow music creators aren't hobbyists or dabblers.


We stay in constant communication in our secret Facebook group where you'll see what works, where we all share our music promotion and advanced marketing secrets and help you build your own business until you are the one proudly sharing your success story with the group.

Here's how the class breaks down: In every module you get a new training where I show you step by step what you have to do and why, with real-life examples, while you watch over my shoulder. 


In total you get access to over 12 hours of video trainings which also include LIVE group coaching calls in the Private Mastermind Group.


But don't worry, it's easy stuff and everything is delivered in small bite-sized chunks.


You can also participate in accountability deals, to make sure you reach your targets every week.


If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my Sell Music Masterclass and get $2,639 worth of FREE bonuses.


Now, you and I both know that I'll get a ton of interest from this letter, and that's why you need to read this next part carefully:





Once the timer on this page hits 00:00:00:00 registration will close and the program will start a few days later. But it might sell out much earlier because of the extremely limited seats available.


And there are another 294,000+ people on YouTube and thousands of followers on Instagram who will jump on this offer just because they know how much value I'll be cramming into this a new program...


So if you’re truly interested in the Sell Music Masterclass, you have to act as soon as possible before someone else gets your spot and transforms their life with purpose-driven music marketing.


Oh...and in case you're wondering.


Spots are granted on a first-come, first-served basis.


If you feel like this is right for you, click here, and sign up for my Sell Music Masterclass and get $2,639 worth of FREE bonuses.



Don't take my word for it. Check out what my students have to say...


This Opportunity Won't Last Long...


✔️Yes, I understand that I'm enrolling in the Sell Music Masterclass

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